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Daniel Swensen     Paranormal, Superhero    24 Pages

Alexa Bernell can do what no one else can — or so she thought, until the Omen Project found her. Shaped by drugs and brutal training, she was their weapon. Until she got loose.

Haunted by the memories of what she’s done, Alexa ran. Now the Project is hunting her. They’ve sent Cav, her friend, her lover, and her only confidant, to bring her back — no matter the cost.

If she ever wants to be free, she has to kill him.

In a tightly paced short story, Swensen tracks Alexa through paranoia, guilt, hope, fear, betrayal, and the insistent desire to show the world how profoundly she can change it, as simply and terribly as a child with a book of matches.
-An Amazon Reviewer

From beginning to end, I was fascinated.
-An Amazon Reviewer

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