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Rick Wayne     Sci-Fi Fantasy Adventure   366 Pages

A scoundrel with a secret seeks the key to escaping the end of the world. An exiled gunslinger, waiting to die, is called back for one more job. A radioactive man is sold into service as an assassin by a mysterious cult.

As their stories intertwine, all three are caught between rival mobs, an invincible killer, and a plot to upset an uneasy peace between once-warring nations. While far above the planet, a phantasmal apocalypse looms.

Dinosaurs. Robots. Cannibal fairies. A brain in a vat. A giant squid. Nazi Amazons. Super-soldiers. A war dragon. An assassin cult. Unicorns. Wereninjas. Animal-human hybrids. And a kaiju god of destruction. The battle for the fate of the world starts with a betrayal in a cemetery . . . and a stray phallus.

Equal parts mutant crime noir and sci-fantasy adventure, FANTASMAGORIA is the genre-bending debut novel from Rick Wayne.

Brief, violent, and unpredictable, yet thrilling to be in the middle of.
– A Goodreads Reviewer

A passionate, vulgar love letter to pulp fiction of all genres…
– An Amazon Reviewer

The butt-kicking starts right on page one and just keeps on going at a relentless pace until the end.

– An Amazon Reviewer

A complex, carefully plotted story arc which brings us to the surprising ending.

– An Amazon Reviewer