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Hipstopia (The Uprising #1)

R. A. Desilets     Young Adult Dystopian   110 Pages

It’s been three years since Murphy led the Hipster uprising. For three years, Jay has been by his side. All that’s about to change. It starts with the beautifully intense Prisoner Forty-Seven… and a loaded gun.

Hipstopia is the first book in Young Adult Dystopian duet, The Uprising.


I love this story, it’s both fun and heavy at the same time. By the end of it I was really yearning to find out what happens next. – An Amazon Reviewer


When I started reading this book, I was laughing by the second page, and I really connected with Jay as a character. – Author Brooke Johnson


I’m amazed at how Desilets can take this concept and turn it into a mixture of absurdity and honesty, thoughtfulness and comedy. – Jaclyn at JC’s Book Haven


I loved Rachel’s satiric “hipster” sort of parodies, putting a unique twist on the story. Jay is solid, believable, full of emotion, and just plain fun! – Goodreads Reviewer