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I’d Rather Not Be Dead

Andrea Brokaw    YA Paranormal Romance   296 Pages

Drew McKinney never liked living in Pine Bridge, North Carolina, but she liked it a lot better than being dead there. No way does she want to haunt this stupid hick town for the rest of forever. She doesn’t want to haunt anywhere if she can help it. The whole dying thing knocked Drew back in time several weeks, so she’s got a shot at saving herself from Hell in Appalachia if she can figure out why she died. Unfortunately, not only is she clueless about what killed her but there’s a soul-eating fog after her, the ruler of the ghost realm is interfering in her afterlife, and the only living person Drew can turn to for help is Cooper Finnegan, who is hands down her least favorite person on the planet.


This is by far the best ghost story I’ve ever read. The story is unique and not at all predictable – at least not to me. The characters are well written and relatable. It’s the perfect winter break from school read. – An Amazon Reviewer


I am wishing there were a sequel to this, or that it were first in a series, because I like the characters so much and want to see where they go from here. – An Amazon Reviewer