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My Summer Vacation by Terrance Wade

R. A Desilets     Science Fiction   54 Pages

When Terrance’s mother comes in through the window, she says, “Terrance, your dad doesn’t want me to show you the world. But we’re going – tonight, now.” With that, she scoops him up and rushes from the house. Terrance, a naive yet astute 7-year-old, is kidnapped by his mother. Told from his perspective, Terrance believes he’s on an adventure to save the world in this short, witty novelette.


It is a nice, funny, short story about a boy who saves the world while seeing a situation in a completely different light than what it is. – Jaclyn at JC’s Book Haven


R. A. Desilets really knows how to portray the humor and wit of a 7 year old boy in this hilarious novella.  – An Amazon Reviewer


This story was cute and engaging, right from the start. I immediately fell in love with Terry and his topsy-turvy life, and dove right in as his tale unwound. – Author Shenoa Carroll-Bradd


Terrance’s adventure while being, according to the police, kidnapped by a crackpot parent is touching, exciting, and fun. – Author Rich Griffith