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The Between (Changeling’s Choice #1)

LJ Cohen     Young Adult Fantasy    304 Pages

High school senior, Lydia Hawthorne, is less than grateful when Oberon has her snatched from the Mortal world and she finds out she’s actually Fae. And not just any Fae, but a trueborn with enough inherent magic to tip the balance between Oberon and Titania’s warring Bright and Shadow courts.

But that’s their game and she doesn’t want to play by their rules. Together with Clive Barrow, a Bright Court Fae with embarrassing family ties to the Mortal world, Lydia fights to regain her old life, fueling her magic with the very Human power of love and loss, challenging the essential nature of Faerie itself.

The world created here in Faerie was one of political intrigue, darkness, all things magical, and one that was so well thought out that you will believe you are there.
-An Amazon Reviewer

The Between held my attention from the very first word. Cohen’s fairy world was the perfect setting for young adults to express their feelings of insecurity and power.
-An Amazon Reviewer

This story gripped me from the first page. Once I started reading it I had a hard time putting it down!
– An Amazon Reviewer

The Between is a well-crafted story with lots of conflict and tension, an original plot line, and treatment of faerie that is new and original.
– An Amazon Reviewer