The Brass Giant: A Chroniker City Story

Brooke Johnson     Steampunk   352 Pages

Sometimes, even the most unlikely person can change the world

Seventeen-year-old Petra Wade, self-taught clockwork engineer, wants nothing more than to become a certified member of the Guild, an impossible dream for a lowly shop girl. Still, she refuses to give up, tinkering with any machine she can get her hands on, in between working and babysitting her foster siblings.

When Emmerich Goss—handsome, privileged, and newly recruited into the Guild—needs help designing a new clockwork system for a top-secret automaton, it seems Petra has finally found the opportunity she’s been waiting for. But if her involvement on the project is discovered, Emmerich will be marked for treason, and a far more dire fate would await Petra.

Working together in secret, they build the clockwork giant, but as the deadline for its completion nears, Petra discovers a sinister conspiracy from within the Guild council … and their automaton is just the beginning.

I love the mix of technology and old timey aspects to this book. Brooke takes you into the world of Chroniker City and as you read you can visualize everything and have it be such an amazing notion in your mind you wish it was real. – Once Upon a Twilight

This is what steampunk should be. – An Amazon Reviewer

THE BRASS GIANT is a roller-coaster ride of emotions, of discoveries, and of budding romance. With Petra, the writer has created a wonderful, independent, headstrong heroine. A girl who loves to work in engineering and that loves shines through on the pages. With Chroniker City, the writer has created the quintessentially perfect steampunk setting. The richness and diversity of the world just swept me away. – An Amazon Reviewer