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The Minus Faction: Breakout (Episode 1)

Rick Wayne     Sci-Fi Thriller   101 Pages

THE MINUS FACTION is a super-powered sci-fi thriller about extraordinary abilities and how not to use them.

In Episode One . . . Beaten. Burned. Broken. Capt. John Regent returns a paraplegic after escaping months of captivity and torture–except no one knows who took him or what he disclosed.

When a government agent comes for answers, she discovers John’s fantastical secret and sets him at war with his own country. But the veteran in the wheelchair has one last mission, and he’ll fight off the powers-that-be long enough to save the life of a troubled soldier–even if it costs John his own.


Keeps you guessing, keeps you surprised.
– An Amazon Reviewer

Terrific dialogue … tightly-paced high-speed chase.
– An Amazon Reviewer

I could not put it down until I had devoured the whole book in one sitting.
– An Amazon Reviewer

I was engrossed from the first page and now I’m invested.

– A Goodreads Reviewer