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The Red Dagger (The Heretic Arcanum #2)

Rick Wayne     Supernatural Mystery   74 Pages

One part literary, one part culinary, three parts magic, THE HERETIC ARCANUM is the most devilish meal you’ll ever read.

Cerise is dead. So she explains to in a message to an old lover. She tells of a chance encounter with a strange chef and the world’s most inappropriate proposal, of an ancient arcane blade and a secret underground of night markets and ritual sex, and of her final orgiastic demise.

But even in death, her story isn’t over, and Cerise makes a final plea for love.

Opens with the action right from the get go, grabs you by the neck, and straps you into a wild and clever 300 mph pulp/noir roller coaster.
-An Amazon Reviewer

Once again the story is smart, touching this time on alchemy, magic, unusual sexual predilictions, and belief systems.
-An Amazon Reviewer