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The Scriptors is a collective of independent adult and young adult authors who strive to create engaging fiction in a competitive industry. We are all very proud of what we do, and we created this collective as a means to support one another in our writing careers. We believe that if you enjoy one of our stories, you’ll enjoy the others as well. You can find our newest releases below, as well as a weekly blog, where we post about our writing journeys, books, and upcoming promotions.

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Suicide Isn’t Painless

2016 is drawing to a close, and this is the final Scriptors post of the year. I thought it would be a good time for one of those “Best Of the Year” lists. But then I thought it would be a better time for something more important. So instead of giving you a fluffy...

The Quest to Find Your Motivators

Last week, Brooke Johnson posted about Navigating the Swamp - how each novel is an adventure to write with its own pitfalls and hardships. As writers, we need to find our motivators to help us stay on this path. Whenever we hit a wall and the novel feels lost, we...

Navigating the Swamp

[Author’s note: I am currently suffering from an annoying, stuffy cold as I write this, so if it doesn’t make sense, blame the weather.] I always seem to forget how much work it takes to write a novel. The first part is always easy… brainstorming characters, building...

Back to School

  While I have been a lifelong passionate reader, I didn't much like English classes (or as they are called now, Language Arts) when I was in school. Sure, I would rather have been reading science fiction or fantasy novels than Dickens or Hawthorne or Faulkner, but...

The Call to Adventure

I’ve ignored it twice in my life. At least. Which is kind of a big deal. For those who don't know, the Call to Adventure is the first stage of the Hero's Journey as outlined by Joseph Campbell in his 1949 opus The Hero With a Thousand Faces. As with any seminal tome,...

A Different Process Every Time

My writing process changes all the time. Part of that is a natural outgrowth of lots of practice. Some of it is an inclination to experiment. I like to keep things fresh by trying new tools and new approaches, to see how the change impacts my concentration, my output,...

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