Hi everyone!  I’m Rachel (R. A. Desilets), a young adult author and lover of all things werewolf-related. Though, I have yet to publish a werewolf story, I am working on that… Trust me.

So far, I’ve published a silly YA dystopian duet, Hipstopia and its sequel, The Collapse, as well as child-friendly novelette, My Summer Vacation by Terrance Wade. And this is just the beginning!

I’m proud to be part of The Scriptors! We have a lot of talent here, and I can’t wait to see where we take this group! If you haven’t picked up other books by these authors, please do! I cannot recommend them enough.

Five favorite authors: I love all these YA authors for vastly different reasons. Patrick Ness manages to make me angry in every single book (in a good way), and I adore his style. John Green makes me cry way too often and writes with extreme intelligence. Courtney Summers does emotional writing so fluidly well, you almost forget yourself in her words. Caragh O’Brien made me love oranges so much more through her elegant descriptions. Marissa Meyer took fairytale retellings to a whole new level.

Why I write: I write because I have to. Every story that enters my brain begs to be told. None of my characters leave me alone until the writing is finished and out on paper. Even though it sometimes gets chaotic in my head, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Why I love writing young adult: While I do have some adult books up my sleeve, I do love writing for young adult. I love tapping into raw, emotional characters, stories about teens who are coming-of-age and trying to find themselves. My sub-genres include science fiction, contemporary, magical realism, paranormal, and dystopian. Most of my books have some form of romance in them, but usually the romance is a side-story to a bigger issue.

First story I ever wrote: The story was called “Hair” and my main character’s name was Jinx. Her friend gave her a haircut, and she was nervous when all her locks started falling away. Of course, I wrote this when I was nine, so I think I just used the word “hair” to describe her strands/locks/chunks/pieces instead of better descriptors. It was… terrible and glorious because it kick started my love of writing.

Things that inspire me: I’m a rainy day kind of gal. I turn on my music, listen to the pattering of the rain, sip hot tea, and get to work. The combination of those always makes me produce the best work. Though, if there is no rain, I crank up the music and get lost in the sound. This is probably why I married a musician (not only because he’s my best friend, but also because he makes such beautiful music that I’ve cried while listening to it).

My desk: My desk is usually a mess (it isn’t today!). It has a NaNoWriMo comic hanging above it and random bits scattered on top of it. It holds my financial stuff (boo stupid finances), my tablet (for all the drawing and design things), video games (whee!), and all my writing gear. If it gets too crowded, I grab my typewriter or eeePC and venture into the living room (our couches suck though) or outside. Mostly, I sit in the chaos, turn up some tunes, and lose myself in my keyboard.

Works in progress: Too many books in progress, seriously. Coming out in the next year, I have In a Blue Moon a YA apocalyptic fairy tale retelling, Girl Nevermore a contemporary YA, and No Sugar Coating a magical realism YA. Also in the works is the first in The UnSeries, my adult apocalypse conquels, called The Unanswerable. Though, it is not inappropriate for mature young adult readers, it does get heavy and fairly violent. Phew!

Ice cream flavor: Peppermint. And the fact that I can only get it once a year drives me absolutely crazy. So Sea Salt Caramel is a fantastic replacement.

Shenanigans: ALL THE WEREWUFF THINGS! And other shenanigans, because why not! We’re here to have fun!  And up until now, this has been a pretty serious interview O_O serious introduction business over! START THE SHENANIGANS! (Shameless plug: Hipstopia is free from June 26-June 30).



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