I should have written this weeks ago. There’s something about home deconstruction that makes important but small tasks get shoved to the way side. Then again, I’ve shoved everything to the side lately.

I apologize for arriving to the show late, but now I’m here! My name is RJ, and in the time-honored (but sexist) tradition, I use my initials rather than my full name. In part, I like how RJ Blain sounds so much better than my full name. I’m allowed, right?

It fits me, and it fits my books, so sexist tradition will live on through me.

I write fantasy and science fiction targeting mature audiences. That doesn’t mean adult. It means people who are grown-up enough to be willing to look at the box, look inside of it, look outside of it, and draw their own conclusions.

There is violence. I wouldn’t recommend my books for small children, but the stuff teens and preteens are exposed to is far worse than what I write about, generally. But murder thrillers do have death, and that is something that must be faced when reading my books.

The types of writers an author likes says a lot about them. There have always been a few authors I have held in great esteem over the others. Here is my short list: Mercedes Lackey, Brandon Sanderson, Madeline L’Engle, Patricia Briggs, Jim Butcher.

Thanks for writing.

I’m supposed to talk about why I write. The answer is probably a little disappointing, and includes things such as ‘because I want to’ and ‘I love writing’ and ‘because I must.’

I suspect I’ll always have stories to tell. And there are those who want to read what I have to share.

That’s enough for me.

So, why fantasy, science fiction, and fantasy murder thrillers?

The answer is similar to why I write: I like them, so I do it. I want to. Those are the stories I love, and thus they are the stories I want to write.

I hope you will enjoy my stories as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them.

Some questions I don’t like answering. What was my first story is one of them. Simply put, I have a terrible memory from elementary, middle, and high school. I spent so much time reading that it seems I can’t remember so many of the things that actually happened to me. I wrote stories. I remember writing stories.

I remember my friends, who hadn’t yet been jaded to the world, encouraging me to write stories because they thought it was cool a girl was writing fantasy and science fiction.

I do not remember what those stories are, though. After I wrote them, I went back into the worlds written by others, and I happily escaped reality.

It’s not something I like to think about too much. I often view my childhood as more bitter than sweet; there is something to be said about how humans will protect themselves in any way possible.

My escape then, and now, is through writing and reading.

I’m okay with that.

Inspiration is a weird thing for me. It shifts every day. Today? Piano Guys playing A Thousand Years. Tomorrow? I may paint. I may take a walk.

Each day is new and different.

I’m skipping the part where I’m supposed to describe my desk. It’s an indescribable mess.

Finally, the part I’ve been really looking for: My Works in Progress.

I’m working on three series right now, and I love them all. I’ll go with my crown jewel, which is the series I really love writing and people really love reading. (It’s a great match up.)

My Witch and Wolf novels are fantasy murder thrillers mixed with Urban Fantasy. Think Jim Butcher, but… different. Much different. The Dresden Files follow Harry Dresden, where the Witch and Wolf novels follow the world through the eyes of different characters. Some, like in the Dresden Files, reoccur. Others don’t.

Next up is my epic fantasy series, Requiem for the Rift King. I love this story, although it isn’t nearly as popular. I’m okay with that. I’m telling the story I want to tell, not the story that’ll necessarily sell well.

Finally, I have The Fall of Erelith. Like Requiem for the Rift King, this series is a story I want to tell, broaching on social political subjects important to me. It’s a hard story to write, but it’s a story I must write.

I have some standalones too that I’m working on, but I’ve kind of accepted I don’t know when they’ll get finished.

To conclude, I’m going to say ‘no thanks!’ to ice cream because I have no self-control and would eat the entire tub; it probably wouldn’t matter which flavor. I’m trying to lose weight because I’m not healthy.


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