“When’s the next book coming?”

“I want more!”

These are the typical things a writer can hear when someone loves a story and asks the author for more. I had it in spurts until I published Chrono Virus in 2012. The short space story struck a nerve and people were excited. Great! That was until I was asked again and again if more was coming. Of all my planning, I never thought of that.

After some months I whipped up an idea and scrawled it down into a new tie-in story that wasn’t as much a sequel as it was a story “set in the Chrono Virus universe”. This gave me the freedom to create something new with little restrictions. As I readied the final versions for exporting to all the eBook stores a sudden thought hit me: will they like it? Of all my planning, I never thought of that.

Chrono Virus: Fall of the Horizon wasn’t just another story I was putting out there. This one had expectations. This one already had an audience. We’ve seen plenty of mediocre sophomore titles in the past and I did not want to be one of those. Of all things I had to juggle (setting my price, dealing with the insane rules of iTunes, figuring out the exact moment to upload to Amazon so it would be on sale at the right time, trying to remember my B&N login) the expectations from readers was the main thing I worried about. They say to write the story you want to read and this fit the bill. Still, I was focused on that one aspect.

In the end, the launch was successful and the feedback grand. Writing, like any career, is about learning through experience. This time the lesson was to not sweat the small stuff because a good book is a good book.


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