I have never been able to create a writing nest. For my whole life, I have been operating out of a bedroom. Whether my computer was in my own room, my shared college dorm room, my single dorm room, or my married and shared bedroom, it has always been in a bedroom.

We recently relocated to Portland, OR. While the move was insanely stressful, it was worth it.

Imagine: five cats. Now imagine apartment searching with five cats. Now imagine shoving all of those cats in a car and driving 950 miles to your new place of residence. Now imagine sleeping in that car because you can’t find a hotel vacancy.

Meowing. Enough meowing to last my entire lifetime.

But here we are, in the slightly less sunny and much more fall-like state of Oregon, and I’m ecstatic.

And for the first time, my writing nest is not in a bedroom.

Consequently, my cats really enjoy the new perch they have.

Being able to create my own little corner of our apartment has been monumental for me. My desk is my sanctuary, my little part of the universe that I can claim, create organized chaos, and customize to be right for me. I adore this desk, not only because of the color, but because of the incredible amount of surface space. I mean, I can fit my typewriter on it, something I was never able to do before.

While I could still write at my old desk, now I really have no excuse. I have my nook just the way I want it. And since it will be cold during the winter, I’ll enjoy hot chocolate and fluffy blankets.

How about you guys? Where do you write? Have you carved out a space for yourself, or do you go to a coffee shop or other venue to write your stories? Same question applies for readers! I don’t read at my desk, but I do have a reading sanctuary as well (it’s the couch-with cats, pillows, and blankets).

So, with my nest finally complete, I am dedicating November to NaNoWriMo. If there’s anyone out there who wants to buddy up, feel free to add me! I love meeting new writing buddies!


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