There’s a lot to be said about writing a story that you’re passionate about. Writing that passionate story in only a month and then publishing it is altogether a different thing. That’s what happened with my story Chrono Virus.

It’s a funny thing how inspiration works. For me (and I suspect most writers) the spark of an idea is OMGTHISISAMAZING!!!!! and you want to write it RIGHT NOW. Like drop everything and get to the keyboard. Of course this doesn’t really work because of other projects and that whole day-job thing that takes most of my free time. Chrono Virus happened to spark at just the right time and I’m proud to say it’s by best-received work to date.

I began work on it during one of my days off and continued to drop 500 or 1,000 words worth of story into this spark. Incredibly, I finished it in about three weeks. Then I was, fortunate enough to find an incredible cover designer and have a book represented by amazing artwork. Superstorm Sandy delayed the launch by almost a week by knocking out my internet and thus I missed my Halloween deadline. Instead I launched the book in the beginning of November and the results were still fantastic.

Overall from start to finish I went from spark to published in about 33-days. I don’t think it’s the fastest time that’s ever happened but it was the best feeling to capture that lightning in a bottle and never giving it time to feel old or stale.

If you’re interested in picking up a copy of Chrono Virus, it’s on sale today 2/2/14 at all eBook stores out there. Simply search for it on your store of choice or head over to my brand new website to get direct links.

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