Who are the Scriptors?

The Scriptors is a collective of independent adult and young adult authors who strive to create engaging fiction in a competitive industry. We are all very proud of what we do, and we created this collective as a means to support one another in our writing careers. We believe that if you enjoy one of our stories, you’ll enjoy the others as well. You can find our newest releases below, as well as a weekly blog, where we post about our writing journeys, books, and upcoming promotions.

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Our Latest Releases

Our Blog

Collaborating with Others

We are now nine days into National Novel Writing Month and I am over ten thousand words into my project. Yes, that does mean I am behind the pace. However, I’m not upset about it because I am behind solely due to my cowriter being in a curling tournament. As I...

Facades and Characters’ Histories

There's a lot of personal stuff that I don't delve into very often. My life has a tendency to lean towards the dramatic, and maybe that's partly my fault, but sometimes it comes down to the cards we are dealt. I took this selfie to prove a point. I was thinking about...

Author Events

This year has been an adventure of author appearances for me. I’ve been to three events at the local library (with a fourth scheduled for next month), I did a signing and writing workshop over the summer at the local Barnes and Noble for their first annual B-Fest for...

Our dog and the passive voice

  "What happened to your dog's eye?" We were at the dog park and Mya was running around like the year-old high energy pup she is when the 7 year old son of another dog owner asked the question. "What happened to your dog's eye?" Mya only has one eye. The other was...

The Science of Superpowers

Writers have a kind of superpower. We're illusionists, of a sort. But where a magician invites your disbelief—indeed, taunts it from you with tricks—a writer conjures coherent fantasy from your mind, just as a laser emits coherent light. A story drafted with art and...

What Andy’s Up To

It’s October! Which means, it’s officially time to get your NaNo WriMo project prepped! For the uninitiated, “NaNo WriMo” (or sometimes just “NaNo”) is shorthand for National Novel Writing Month, which a big push to complete fifty thousand words of novel in the month...

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